Date of Birth 12.29.2001

Blast injuries from flying debris and bomb fragments

  • Blunt injuries
  • Burns, cuts, lacerations
  • Traumatic left leg amputation
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder    

Our warrior Colak was born in the Martuni region in 2001. He started his Military service for the Republic of Artsakh in January 2020. He was deployed to war on September 27, 2020, to fight against the Azeri aggression. 

During the heavy attacks, he was badly injured and was rushed to hospital in critical condition. The severity of his injuries led to a life-changing decision to his doctors to amputate his left leg in order to save his right leg and arm. Currently, Colak is continuing his medical care in the city of Yerevan where he is going to acquire a prosthetic leg and looks forward to new beginnings. We are with you dear Colak, thank you for your service, we are eternally indebted.   

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