Date of Birth 11.13.2001

POWs were often subjected to intense physical harm, psychological stress, isolation, and nutritional deprivation.

  • Sevier burns and cuts
  • Bodily injuries, fracture legs
  • Digestive injuries
  • Phycological
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder   

Our warrior Areg was born in Martuni, Artsvanist area.  He joined the Republic of Artsakh’s Military Service in 2020, and on September 27, 2020, he joined the war in Artsakh in Jabrayil.  On October 7, he was injured and was taken hostage by the Azeri Army.  After 68 days of brutal treatment and more bodily injuries by the Azeris, he was miraculously returned by the Red Cross intervention.  
Areg is a handsome young man with a bright future who has been through a life-changing trauma and has survived the most horrifying days.  Currently, he is getting medical care and treatments in the city of Yerevan and needs all our support to help him get back to his life.  

Thank you Areg for your service and selflessness to protect our Artsakh.

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